“Mr. Vigilante Thriller writer.

Where do you get your ideas?”



I’ve been asked that question my whole writing career. Long before I became a writer of the Douglas Gage Vigilante Thriller.

It started when I was in third grade and I wrote sketches to perform for my class. I got asked the questions continually when I was a stand-up comic.

And when I was writing for daytime dramas, it I got asked the question A LOT!

Evil twins, people buried alive, and the such.

What kind of a twisted mind buries a character alive?

I didn’t think of that one. My mentor Jim Reilly did.






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Crawler came as a natural progression after Safe, the 4th book featuring Gage.

(No Spoilers, don’t worry)

Keeping him in the South was paramount, of course.

At first, I worried I’d setup a situation where his case had to be in in Yankee Land.

But, I saw a story on bird migration on Apple News (For Reals), and it gave me the idea that even if Gage went North at first, the story could come back to the South.

Gage’s own type of migration.





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This installment again lets me dig into Gage’s psyche.

Is he really a vigilante?

(I hope so. I call them by the name VIGILANTE THRILLER)

We explore his past a little more in depth. His relationship with his father among other things.

(No spoilers, like I promised, just a tease.)

Crawler, if you didn’t know, is slang for bulldozer.

The idea to use a construction site came from walking by an office building being torn down.

I passed the building on my regular stroll every day for a couple of weeks.

I saw the lot go from the debris of the demolished building, to being a lumpy space with dirt and concrete, to seeing a bulldozer violently push the last of the building rubble to the side.

It occurred to me that lots of bad stuff could happen at a construction site. Especially in a Vigilante Thriller.

( I really hope Gage is a vigilante. Or I’m gonna have to change the paperback covers.)

So, Crawler.


Next Big Thing



I was lucky enough to have Peter Donnelly of The Reading Desk review Cash Money recently. He had some great things to say:

Douglas Gage is an exciting, witty vigilante character not to be missed.

@TBRrevies Peter Donnelly – The Reading Desk

Peter also had some constructive criticism I took to heart.

He reminded me that ACTION was a big part of the Take It Back series.

And I had been remiss in including enough action in Cash Money.

So when I looked over Crawler, I made sure there was plenty of action, along with suspense, thrills, mystery, and humor.


Putting It All Together


I had several ideas that meshed into Crawler. 

The migration. Gage’s father. The construction site.

Plus, I had some help from a fine and intelligent critique of my work.

(Thank you again, Peter.)

You’re gonna love Crawler. I know it.

Crawler will be out August 10.

Available on Amazon for Kindle.




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