I’m So Excited About This Guest Blog!

Author and Book Promo for E.L. Dubois


I love both writing and reading, as you all know. And l love book promos! I love reading new books! So I’m happy to say tomorrow’s blog will be both a chance to find new books to read, but also be part of a book promo for an author incredibly passionate about her craft.

A very accomplished author, and also one of my favorite authors, E.L. DuBois, will be a guest blogger tomorrow. You’ll want to read what she has to say about her books and her writing. I promise the blog is both enlightening and entertaining!

I want to thank E.L. for making time for my readers.

Here’s some info on E.L. DuBois, along with links to her books for sale on Amazon:


About E.L. DuBois


E.L. DuBois was born and raised in Texas where she still lives today surrounded by her amazing family, and menagerie of fur babies. She loves to travel, has seen many beautiful places, and can not wait to see more. Erica is an avid artist, music lover, and reader. She is a Southern Belle at heart with a passion for red soled shoes, a good romance novel, and LV bags. When Erica is not writing she can be found enjoying a beautiful life with her loved ones.

Erica’s personal experiences with domestic violence have made her an advocate, and supporter of great causes facing victims of any harassment or abuse. It is her greatest wish that no one ever has to suffer the traumas she endured, and that justice be brought for all those who have. These experiences have made her appreciate life, laughter, and love. She is a believer in positive attitude, positive actions, and paying it forward. Her motto is “do good things with no expectations, and life has a way of bringing goodness back to you”.

In the end, Beauty and the Princess found their Knight in Shinning Armor. They now live happy healthy lives with the support of this wonderful man.




A beautiful, naïve young woman with fairy-tale dreams… And a beast of a man who only finds pleasure in the vicious acts he commits.

A poetry accompaniment to “The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath”. Step inside the minds of the real Beauty and Knight with these specially selected works.


The devil went down to Texas. Big mistake! Yesterday, James “Cowboy” Stone was Ransom’s golden boy, a football god. Today, he’s their savior, a warrior in a destiny he never expected.


Take It Back Book 1

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