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If you haven’t heard, my blog is now a crime serialized thriller .😀😀


It’s about a jewel thief, Charlie, and his wife, Gina. 


And now….









There was a chill in the hotel room. The furnace wasn’t able to keep up with the swirling winter wind leaking through the wooden framed windows.

Charlie repeated his command.

“Let my wife go!” Charlie said.

Charlie took in a deep breath, a hint of the salty ocean air combined with the smell of the cherry wood paneling and furniture. He shivered.

Gina remained suspended by her hair, Nolan holding her above the floor. It looked like she was doing an old school plank, only at an 45º angle.

Nolan scoffed at Charlie’s demand. The other four men dressed in black jammed into the hotel room behind Nolan continued to point their handguns at Gin and Charlie.

The pause in the action gave Gina a chance to whirl in the air. She used her core strength built by hours of pilates to blast an elbow into the side of Nathan’s head, rendering him unconscious.

Nolan was knocked back toward his supporting cast, landing on his ass. The back of his head snapped back against the hardwood floor. It sounded like a thunder clap.

The other 4 men looked down at the unconscious Nolan as Gina, who also landed on her ass, took Nolan’s gun out of his holster and fired four quick, perfectly aimed shots, dropping the other bad guys dead on the floor.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Gina went to Charlie, still leaning back against the soiled bed, his clothes soaked with his own blood. The floor was slick with the liquid. Gina’s feet slipped as she gripped Charlie under the shoulders and tried to lift him to his feet.

“You gotta help me, Charlie,” Gina said.

Charlie let out a groan and did his best to stiffen his legs. He threw his arm around Gina’s shoulder. She supported him as they staggered toward the hotel room door.

“The maid is gonna freak out,” Charlie said. “We should leave her a big tip.”

On the floor, Nolan’s eyes fluttered and his hand moved. Gina stomped on his throat then kicked him hard in the temple and he was quiet again.

“Dead,” Charlie said.

“From your mouth to God’s ears,” Gina said.

Half dragging, half stumbling, the two made it to the door. Gina freed one hand to open it. Before she could, Charlie’s right leg collapsed and he was on the floor.

“Dammit, Charlie,” Gina said.

She got him to his feet again and finally was able to open the door.

“Hello, you two,” said the Salem police chief.

He was standing in the hall, his gun drawn and pointed at Gina’s stomach.

Gina and Charlie were once again trapped. But this time by the 5’O, not by a band of criminals.

Gina said a really bad word that summed up the situation.

“I completely agree,” Charlie said.

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A Coffin Or A Jail Cell…..

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