Today our thriller blog is more a SUSPENSE FICTION SERIALIZED blog. Charlie and Gina are in a tight spot (literally) and tension abounds. Will they escape? Will they even live? It’s SUSPENSE FICTION at it’s best.

CRIME RING is a serialized thriller suspense fiction blog, a crime blog, that tells the story of a husband and wife jewel thief team.


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Gina lays down cover fire as Charlie desperately works to follow Gina through small horizontal door.


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Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller


Chapter 18


Gina lay prone on the floor of a dark passageway.

Charlie had basically thrown her across the closet floor toward a narrow horizontal door along the floor of the closet. Suddenly, she was out of the shooting gallery.

While she’d successfully slipped through the narrow entryway, Charlie hadn’t been so lucky. When he did a feet first slide little door, he’d missed the opening and hit the wall hard a little to the right.

Charlie was exposed and about to get shot.

Gina grabbed a fresh clip from her belt and ejected the old one from her Glock.

Half a second later she was giving Charlie covering fire – her hand extended through the small horizontal door.

The muzzle flashes let Charlie reorient himself. He shoved his legs through the opening.

Gina continued giving Charlie covering fire with one hand, and did her best to pull him into the dark space with the other.

After a moment, their mystery attacker returned Gina’s fire, the bullets hitting the wall right above Charlie’s body.

“Hurry!” Gina said.

“My shoulders are stuck,” Charlie said.

More bullets ricocheted close to Charlie. He tried to wiggle his shoulders through the small door.

If he couldn’t get through the hole, they were both dead.



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There’s no way to escape….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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