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3 days after Chiefs Daniels discovered Charlie and Gina in a hotel room with 5 dead bodies, he had them locked in a sparse, dank, basement apartment in Salem, MA.

Daniels threatened to lock them in the apartment and leave them to rot unless they stole a ring for him.

Gina grabbed his gun from his holster and was more than ready to shoot him.

“We’re not stealing anything for you.”


And now…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





OF course, Daniels’ gun wasn’t loaded. Gina could tell by the Police Chief’s complete calm.

She checked just to be sure. No clip. No round in the chamber.

Gina thought about beating him to death with the gun, but reinforcements were right outside the door.

Gina and Charlie really were going to be locked down here to rot. She didn’t want to die here. She might as well die in a K-Mart.

Gina always imagined two scenarios for her death.

  1. Of old age. Sitting in a wooden wheelchair, with a high back, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean while sipping Jack.
  2. Gunned down in an elegant ball gown while trying to escape a Masquerade Ball with the Hope Diamond.

Daniels took the useless Glock from Gina’s hand. The Hitler lookin’ piece of crap scoffed. Gina tensed. Charlie put his hand on her thigh to try to calm her.

“You’ve got blueprints for the house?” Charlie said.

“We’re not stealing a ring for this douche bag,” Gina said.

Daniels nodded to Charlie.

“Yep,” Daniels’ said. “Blueprints and security passwords. But I don’t have the combination to the safe.”

Charlie thought about it. He glanced at Gina.

“No, Charlie,” Gina said. “No.”

“Gina can take care of the safe,” Charlie said.

“Dammit Charlie,” Gina said.

“Get us the blueprints, Daniels,” Charlie said. “We’re in.”



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The best laid plans….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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