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Take It Back

If you long to see the underprivileged in our society finally win out against the 1%, read Take It Back. It is the first book in the Take It Back series starring Douglas Gage; a man who is equal parts Robin Hood and vigilante. Take It Back is full of riveting action sequences, on the edge of your seat suspense, unexpected thrills, mysterious intrigue, and sudden turns into a dark world of crime.

Douglas Gage has dedicated his life to getting the little guy justice. In Take It Back, Gage (Described as “The Rock’s ugly brother”) learns a financially desperate woman has been conned out of her home. Appalled another low income citizen has been preyed upon, Douglas Gage goes after the cheap hustler with a singular purpose – Take It Back. Gage’s plan is to pose as a fellow criminal as he fashions a trap of temptation to catch the conman. But Gage’s plans go awry when the sleazy con artist turns out to be part of larger criminal enterprise. New and unknown players catch Gage off guard, and he finds himself injured, kidnapped, and betrayed. Death chases Gage throughout the book, with Gage barely keeping one step ahead.

Douglas Gage is a man you can root for. He gives power to the powerless. He retrieves (most times with interest) what has been stolen from anyone who has been taken advantage of by the powers that be. And Gage isn’t above serving the ultimate punishment if he believes it is the only way to true justice. When the downtrodden are robbed of their dignity, their treasured belongings, or their money, Gage is of one mind – Take It Back.

Douglas Gage fights for the forgotten. Because no one is going to forget him.

The Statistic, Take It Back

The Statistic is the 3rd story in the Take It Back series featuring protagonist Douglas Gage. Gage, described as “the Rock’s ugly brother,” and who has told more than one of his evil opponents “I’m way dumber than you think I am,” is challenged in The Statistic to be more physical, more intellectual, and more severe with his judgement, than he ever has before.

As with Take It Back and Cash Money, The Statistic is full of action, thrills, and suspense, as well as the laugh out loud humor that only D. Ray Thomas can provide. The Statistic takes Gage through a labyrinth of danger as he continues on his journey to protect, or if need be, seek justice and revenge for the people marginalized by our society.

What can Gage do when the 1% steals something from the underprivileged that can never be taken back? It’s gone forever and can never be replaced?

What can he do when what’s taken is a human life?

Carrie Hudson was 16 and a special needs high school student. Inspired by seeing her favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, win the World Series, Carrie worked up the courage to tell the handsomest boy in school that she was in love with him. He laughed in her face and held her up for ridicule to the whole school. The school-wide bullying that followed, both in the cyber world and in real life, sent Carrie down a terribly dark path that only ended when she committed suicide.

Her parents fought a long battle to have the guilty parties arrested and prosecuted, but it never happened. The kid Carrie professed her love to – Palmer – was guilty of the continued and severity of the bullying, as well as his girlfriend and his best friend. But all of them were protected by Palmer’s rich and very influential father. The three teenagers were never even mentioned as “persons of interest,” or connected to the case at all.

It was only when the parents had almost given up hope that luckily someone put them in touch with Gage. They immediately reached out, praying Gage could get Carrie some justice. Gage’s anger ignites when he hears Carrie’s story, and how the guilty parties got off because of their place in society. The 1%. He quickly launches a plan to serve them some Old Testament justice.

Gage encounters a protection force led by a security and tactical services veteran who reminds Gage of what he might be when he gets older. Much older. Like, much, much, much older. Their conflict becomes personal as Gage begins to uncover heinous details of Carrie’s torture and death. Those horrific crimes against the innocent 16 year old only drive Gage’s outrage as he decides to make Palmer and his friends pay for Carrie’s death in the most gruesome fashion possible.

Safe, Take It Back 4

Defender of the 99%, Douglas Gage answers a call for help from his mentor. When he arrives, Gage finds his mentor Casey has been robbed of not only cash and diamonds, but priceless and sentimental objects that can never be replaced. Gage is ready to do what he does best: Find Casey’s stuff and take it back. But before he can even start to look, he’s accused of being the thief himself. The story travels between present day and the 1980’s, giving us a chance to explore Gage’s past for the first time. As secrets reveal themselves, we begin to understand how the choices Gage made long ago have come back to haunt him in the present day.

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