Before you think about a second date, and especially before marriage, you have to ask this question:

“What kind of music do you like?”

One of the most important questions you will ever ask a prospective mate.

HA! You scoff. What about religious affiliation? Kids or no kids? Save or spend? Red state or Blue State?

Kim or Khloe?

Mostly you get BS answers to the music question.

“Oh, I like all kinds of music.”

No you don’t. You like a couple of genres of music. You are okay with another couple. You tolerate some. You cringe at some. And you outright hate others.

Stop lying. It only makes things worse.

***Getting A Straight Answer***

Narrowing down the question sometimes helps.

“What kind of music do you LISTEN to?”

You might get the same crap answer. So you gotta press ’em. Grab their phone. See for yourself.

Because if you don’t have some common ground musically, even if you’re perfect in every other way, down the road, your relationship is going to be much harder than it should.

HA! You scoff again. What about earbuds? Wireless earbuds? We can both listen to what we want! And the world is like a week away from Apple putting chips in our heads so we don’t even need earbuds.

All that is true, yes. However.

Technology is not always going to be your saving grace.


There’s going to be a time when you’re driving somewhere together. Or both cleaning the house. Or both camping. A time when you are together and there is no option of earbuds or chips in your head. You’re only going to have music that is played out loud that you both have to listen too.

Whose playlist wins?

Well I can tell you this. I’m not listening to that alternative country goth banjo shit on your playlist.

Oh yeah? Well I’m not listening to that Urban Hip Hop Crossover Easy Listening shit on your playlist.

What kind of an idiot even listens to that crap anyway?

What kind of an idiot listens to your crap?

I don’t know why I married you!

I don’t know why I married you!

Lynyrd Skynyrd sucks, Ray! I want a divorce!

Okay, um, that got away from me. Got a little personal.

But, anyway….

See what I’m talking about? Gotta figure out the music thing before you get into a relationship. Or it will bite you in the ass down the road.

Bite you in the ass.

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