Even if you aren’t a criminal, you’ll enjoy my serialized fiction blog, Crime Ring: A Criminal Love Story, I promise.

Because Crime Ring: A Criminal Love Story, is fun and fast paced.

It’s about a married couple (barely married) who are jewel thieves. Doesn’t that sound great?

(If it doesn’t, zip it! Uh, in the nicest possible way.)

If you like mystery, thrills, suspense, action, and popular crime series TV shows like Friends or The Office, you’ll love CRIME RING – MY SERIALIZED THRILLER also A CRIMINAL LOVE STORY.

Yes, I refer to my story in different ways. Suspense Thriller. Serialized Thriller. Mystery Thriller. Action Thriller. Heist Thriller. Or…..

My blog.

But the only reason I do that is because WordPress keeps making me change my keyword.

Like the old serialized shorts that ran before the feature film in the old days, CRIME RING’s story plays out in pieces, 3 chapters a week.

Crime fiction at its shortest serialized best.

Please read CRIME RING.


What the hell else do you have to do?











Previously on Crime Ring:


Gina seethed as Charlie and Daniels planned the heist. She was furious Charlie agreed to it after she’d just tried to kill Daniels. Her way of saying no.

But there they sat. Blueprints spread out on the coffee table D. Ray didn’t know he was going to need so he just inserted it in like no one would notice. Daniels in a chair. Charlie learning forward on the couch he shared with Gina.

All of them stuck in the horrible basement apartment Daniels threatened to lock them in until they died.

But Charlie caught Gina’s eye and gave her a look.

That look.

Gina realized Charlie had a plan….


And now…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





GINA felt guilty for thinking so lowly of Charlie. Of course he wasn’t going to do what Chief Daniels wanted.

She should have known.

Maybe that’s why the marriage went south. Gina thinking too little of Charlie.


Couldn’t be her fault.

“We really need to go over the blueprints with the updated security system info,” Charlie said. “Can we see those?”

“Why?” Daniels said. “I’m giving you the passwords?”

Charlie shrugged.

“Look, Chief,” Charlie said. “Gina and I are professional criminals. We know how to prepare for a heist. Before you arrested me. And Gina. No one else’d ever come close.”

“You were rusty,” Gina said. “You never should’ve tried to crack the Salem Museum.”

Charlie caught Gina’s eye again and she saw the slightest hint of a smirk. They were on the same page.

“I wasn’t rusty,” Charlie said. “You’re the one that got us arrested. Shooting and killing 5 guys in a hotel room. Of course the police are gonna show up when people hear gunshots!”

“I was saving your life, jackass,” Gina said. “You were worthless. All you could do was lay on the floor and bleed! Professional criminal my ass!”

“HEY!” Daniels said. He was on his feet. “Enough. Shut up.”

Charlie and Gina were appropriately shamed and contrite, but still glaring at each other.

“I’m not gonna give you the security blueprints,” Daniels said. “There’s no need.”

Charlie protested but Daniels shut him down.

“I’m gonna get us some food,” Daniels said.

“Lobster Shack,” Gina said.

“There’s no Lobster Shack,” Daniels said. “This ain’t that soap opera with the witch and the midget.”

Daniels was shaking his head and muttering to himself about criminals and marriage and bickering and why everything so difficult as he opened the apartment door.

Charlie hit him from behind with everything he had, crushing Daniels into the wall. A deputy bolted into the apartment, gun drawn.

Gina was there to punch the deputy in the neck and otherwise violently disarm him.

Daniels lay unconscious on the floor while the deputy froze with Gina holding the gun to his head.


Tomorrow on Crime Ring:


We shoulda let him order food….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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