And Maybe Death…..






Previously on Crime Ring:


3 days after Chiefs Daniels discovered Charlie and Gina in a hotel room with 5 dead bodies, he had them locked in a sparse, dank, basement apartment in Salem, MA.


Daniels threatened to lock them in the apartment and leave them to rot unless they stole a ring for him.


And now…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





“WELL, that’s an offer we can’t refuse,” Charlie said.

Police Chief Daniels smiled. His black pencil mustache got pushed up directly under his nose. It looked like a suture that kept his beak from falling off.

“I’m sorry,” Gina said. She looked around the dank basement apartment. “We have to refuse your offer.”

Charlie patted Gina forcefully on the thigh.

“ My beautiful wife – “

“Soon to be ex-wife if you’d sign the papers,” Gina said.

“ – is obviously delirious.”

Gina turned on the couch to face Charlie, her thick red hair flowed around in front of her face for a moment. Charlie’s heart caught in his throat.

So beautiful.

Charlie wore black sweats a size too large that hid his solid body of muscles. Gina wore a green sweater and jeans, and could have been a model in “Town and Country.”

Charlie and Gina shared a 70’s era brown fabric couch. Chief Daniels sat across from them on the matching chair.

No coffee table separated them.

“I’m not going to pull a heist for this Hitler lookin’ corrupt jackass of a cop,” Gina said.

“You’d rather die in here?” the Hitler lookin’ corrupt jackass of a cop said.

Everything changed almost immediately after Hitler spoke.

Hitler lookin’ Chief of Police Daniels made the mistake of looking away from Gina to gesture around the apartment.

Gina, quick as a ‘roided up badger, bolted forward off the couch and snatched the chief’s gun from it’s holster. She leveled the Glock at Daniels.

“I’d rather you die down here, actually,” Gina said.

Charlie’s heart crept father up in his throat.


Gina really did it for him.

That’s why he wouldn’t sign the divorce papers.


Tomorrow on Crime Ring:


Rot in hell…..


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