“I want you two to steal me a ring,” Police Chief Daniels said.

It had been 3 days since Daniels discovered Charlie and Gina in a hotel room with 5 dead bodies.

Now, that was an uncomfortable situation.

Charlie and Gina were now sitting with Danials in a stale, dank, basement studio apartment. Basement apartment meant no windows. It also meant a cold polished concrete floor, bare concrete walls, the circa 1974 brown fabric couch Charlie and Gina shared, and the matching chair where Daniels sat his weirdly skinny butt. Studio apartment meant a hot plate and a sink for a kitchen and a wide open toilet and tub-shower for a bathroom.

The couch folded out into a very uncomfortable bed.

“Considering how you and your police force shot me the last time I tried to steal a ring in your town,” Charlie said. “I respectfully decline.”

Gina, Charlie’s estranged wife who’d incidentally killed all 5 of the aforementioned dead bodies, had a different take.

“Give us the ‘W’s’ and the ‘How much,’” Gina said.

Charlie scoffed and Gina smacked his thigh. The thigh with the bandaged gunshot wound. All 6 feet and 200 pounds of Charlie grimaced. Tears came to his eyes.

Gina didn’t seem to notice his pain.

Daniels leaned forward in the brown chair, ready to answer Gina.

Charlie did his best not to roll off the brown couch and curl up into a ball on the floor.

Gina wore jeans and a baggy green sweater brought to her the first day Daniels locked them up in the apartment. The sweater made her blue eyes and red hair pop. Charlie wore black sweatpants and a long sleeve white t-shirt given to him after a nurse visited the apartment and cleaned and bandaged his wound.

“The ring’s kept in a safe in a mansion over in Beverly” Daniels said. “I want it because I want to sell it and retire. And as far as how much, we’ll, I’m not gonna give you two a damn thing. You’re gonna get it for me because if you don’t, I’m gonna seal up this apartment with you two in it and let you starve to death.”


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