Even if you aren’t a criminal, you’ll enjoy my serialized fiction blog, Crime Ring: A Criminal Heist Love Story, I promise.

Because Crime Ring: A Criminal Heist Love Story, is fun and fast paced.

It’s about a married couple (barely married) who are jewel thieves. Doesn’t that sound great?

(If it doesn’t, zip it! Uh, in the nicest possible way.)

If you like mystery, thrills, suspense, action, and popular crime series TV shows like Friends or The Office, you’ll love CRIME RING – MY SERIALIZED THRILLER also A CRIMINAL HEIST LOVE STORY.

Yes, I refer to my story in different ways. Suspense Thriller. Serialized Heist Thriller. Mystery Thriller. Action Thriller. Criminal Heist Thriller. Or…..

My blog.

But the only reason I do that is because WordPress keeps making me change my keyword.

Like the old serialized shorts that ran before the feature film in the old days, CRIME RING’s story plays out in pieces, 3 chapters a week.

Crime fiction at its shortest serialized best.

Please read CRIME RING.


What the hell else do you have to do?











Previously on Crime Ring:


Chief Daniels locked Charlie and Gina in the basement apartment to plan the robbery.


And now…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





CHARLIE held the penlight in between his teeth while slowly twisting the safe’s dial with his right hand. With his left hand he pressed the business end of a stethoscope against the safe door.

Suddenly, he was in The Sting.

Gina stood silently behind him. The safe was in the wife’s walk-in closet (read bigger than any apartment Charlie every had) off the master bedroom of the twenty thousand square feet Swampscott, Massachusetts, mansion Salem, Massachusetts Police Chief Daniels was forcing them to rob, under threat of a long, horrible, starvation type death.

The job turned out to be an old school safe cracking heist. The owners of the diamond ring Daniels wanted stolen were in their 70’s, and hadn’t bothered to update their security in decades. The lady of the house kept her jewelry in a pedestrian dial lock wall safe.


“Right, twenty-five,” Charlie whispered.

“Right, twenty-five,” Gina acknowledged.

Charlie’s demands to see the blue prints of the house and a complete schematic of the electrical system were completely unwarranted. All Charlie and Gina needed was a description of the house, and a credit card to break-in through the kitchen door.

Charlie could feel the heat of Gina’s body behind him. She was wearing what she always wore on a gig. A black leather skintight catsuit. He knew Gina always wanted to wear heels to round out the outfit, but she resisted temptation. Instead she wore the Bates women’s GX-4 boot. Black, waterproof, slip resistant, and shaped like an 80’s Air Jordon.

The flat shoe took nothing away from her 18 wheeler mudflap shape and her wavy auburn hair. Although, she had her wavy auburn hair covered up by a large knit Eddie Bauer beanie.

Charlie felt Gina’s finger against his ear. He ceased any motion. He stopped breathing. The touch meant caution.

Charlie opened his senses as wide as he could. Hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, even tasting. He slowed his heart rate, using the training a Minnesota junkie has once offered in exchange for Charlie letting the junkie walk away with his life.

Gina’s finger left his ear but then slide up through his hair to the top of his scalp.

Charlie immediately stood, drew his Glock, and turned to face outward with Gina, ready for whatever immediate danger had arrived.

There was a time when Gina had tried to signal Charlie they were in trouble, but Charlie didn’t react. When trying to crack a safe, Charlie got so into his work it was hard to get his attention. So, Gina combined Charlie’s disdain for having his ear touched, with his ultra sensitivity to her touch (dragging her finger through his hair) to make sure Charlie always was hyperaware of his surroundings, just like Gina.

The flash of light and loud crack of a gunshot destroyed the silence in the closet.

Gina fell to the ground beside Charlie.

Charlie opened fire in the direction of the gunshot, unloading his clip while he screamed in anger.


Tomorrow on Crime Ring:


Daniels’ is a lying buttwad, yes, but what do we do with this body?….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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