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Next Friday, August 10th, Crawler, the 5th Vigilante Thriller in the Take It Back series, will be available on Amazon for Kindle.

(It was supposed to be out August 3, but I suck. I spent too much time doing promo stuff and forgot that writing is what I do. Not marketing.)

Okay, let’s continue:


This Is The Professional Type Intro For An Excerpt



Vigilante Douglas Gage is back in Crawler. And as always, he finds himself in peril.



Except from Crawler:





I was standing in a dirt parking at 6PM, EST, surrounded by ten angry men.

I’m a lot to surround. People have told me I look like The Rock’s ugly brother. And they’re not wrong.

Although if me and The Rock met, he’d probably look like my mini-me.

I’m big and strong and fast and mean, and so far, in my forty or fifty years, I haven’t come across anyone that can whoop me in a fair fight.

Or an unfair one either.

Don’t you just love the word “whoop?”

Did I mention all the angry men had shovels? They were diggers, too.

The biggest guy, Alfredo, as wide as a football field, and about six feet tall, charged me, swinging his shovel at my head.

I let the blade get as close to my noggin as I could, then grabbed the shaft with two hands.

(That sounded dirty)

Using Alfredo’s inertia, I lifted the shovel, and him (he was holding on tight), and twisted my torso, swinging the shovel over my shoulder like I was casting a lure on a Saturday morning fishing trip.

I didn’t hold onto the “fishing pole,” though.

I released it at critical mass and sent Alfredo, still grasping the shovel, spinning end over end in a warbly circle until he crash-landed on the trunk of a faded yellow (not the original paint) 1992 Buick LeSabre.

None of the other diggers moved. A second ago ten men, now nine, had me surrounded, sure they were going to give me the beating of my life.

Now, not so much.

In their defense, these men had a right to be pissed at me. Earlier today, I’d shown up and gotten a job as a laborer.

A friend of there’s had been fired so I could be hired.

So, I empathized. But I wasn’t going to let anyone bury the blade of a shovel in my brain.

I didn’t empathize that much.





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