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It’s about a jewel thief, Charlie, and his wife, Gina. 

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Charlie found himself locked in the trunk of a car being transported to an unknown location. Sliding back and forth in the trunk, crashing into all sides with no way to protect himself, Charlie got a beating tantamount to being attacked by an angry mob.



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My Serialized Thriller


Chapter 6


THE room was toasty.

Gina was staying at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. She was on the fourth floor and had a great view of the Salem Common.

The snow covering the large lawn sparkled in the sunlight. The walking path running around the Common was visible, but randomly muddy and icy.

She smelled wood smoke. It reminded Gina she wanted to sit by the fireplace in the lobby later.

Winter in New England. So beautiful.

As long as you were staying in an expensive hotel and didn’t have to shovel snow or drive anywhere.

Gina was five feet seven inches tall, one hundred and fifteen pounds, with shoulder length red hair.

Men and woman both starred at her when she walked down the street.

Knock Knock Knock.

It surprised Gina to hear someone at the door. She’d only ordered room service ten minutes ago. Her halibut couldn’t have come that quickly.

“Just a minute,” Gina said.

Smiling, she pulled on the Hawthorne’s lovely white terrycloth robe to cover her toned and incredibly well proportioned body.

If I left it off, I wouldn’t have to give the room service waiter a tip.

Gina opened the door to a tall muscular white guy, dressed all in black, with a military cut.

“I’m Nathan.”

The black clothes threw Gina off for half a second too long. Waiters usually wear black. Or some kind of uniform.

By the time she realized most waiters don’t look like Special Forces soldiers, Nathan had taken a step into the room and pinned Gina’s arms to her side.

She’d missed her chance to fight back.

Another man dressed the same as Nathan, but shorter and stockier, followed him into the room, and bound Gina’s wrists with twist ties.

The stocky man was respectful of Gina’s modesty. He made sure her robe covered her and tied it securely in place. He helped her sit on the bed facing Nathan.

Not an accidental brush of her breast to be seen.

He obviously didn’t know that Gina would have been fine sitting on the bed naked.

Might have liked it better in fact.

Another man followed the stocky guy. He was pushing a room service cart covered with a white tablecloth.

“Is this how you deliver room service in this hotel?” Gina said. “Assault and broccolini?”

Nathan’s mouth twitched.

The man pushing the cart parked it in the middle of the room. He pulled off the tablecloth. Stuffed onto the cart was a very large, muddy, black and red ball of clothes.

Nathan took the ball off the cart with one hand, and dropped it on the bed next to Gina.

The ball unfolded a bit. Charlie’s bruised and battered face flipped back onto the clean fluffy white comforter.

Oh God no…

“You were looking for him?” Nathan said. “We found him.”

Charlie was wearing the same black sweats from two nights ago. Red blood coagulated in his hair and soaked through his clothes.

A maroon stain spread on the bed cover.

Gina screamed.

Charlie was dead.



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