If you haven’t heard, my blog is now a serialized thriller.😀😀


It’s about a jewel thief, Charlie, and his wife, Gina. 

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Previously on Crime Ring:


“You were looking for him?” Nathan said. “We found him.”

Charlie was wearing the same black sweats from two nights ago. Red blood coagulated in his hair and soaked through his clothes.

A maroon stain spread on the bed cover.

Gina screamed.

Charlie was dead.


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My Serialized Thriller


Chapter 6


THE blood stain continued to spread on the comforter.

Gina reached for Charlie’s face, but shifting her weight on the bed made Charlie’s body roll to the floor carpeted floor.

It landed with a thud and a squish of liquid.

Blood splattered around his form.

The perfectly appointed hotel room was now ruined. The matching curtains and bedspread. The antique furniture, harking back to the days of the hotel’s namesake, Nathanial Hawthorn.

Now there was only death.

Gina sank to the floor next to Charlie. She cupped his face in her hands.

He was cold to the touch.

Gina tried to fight back a sob, but she couldn’t hold it in.

Yes, I wanted a divorce. But I didn’t want you to die, Charlie.

Nathan, the dressed all in black Soldier of Fortune looking sonofabitch stared down at Gina and Charlie with no expression. Behind him the four other “soldiers” also watched stone-faced.

Gina’s breath came in fits and starts. She took one hand away from Charlie’s face and found it clutch into a fist.

To bring Charlie’s body here. To her hotel room. And dump him out like he was just a sack of garbage.

Gina sprung from the floor, arms outstretched, and sank her nails into Nathan’s face. She pulled downward as fast as she could, leaving deep gashes.

Gina had hoped to blind him, to cut through his eyeballs, but Nathan was too quick. He turned his face. He saved his eyes, but the wounds Gina opened up would leave him scarred to the casket.

Nathan got over the shock of Gina’s attack quickly. He flung her against the wall, stunning her.

Gina staggered forward. Nathan let her fall but before she hit the floor he grabbed her hair, holding her in midair.

“Stop,” Charlie said.

Charlie had hauled himself up so he was leaning against the bed.

Gina sobbed again.

“Leave my wife alone,” Charlie said.



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