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“Hurry!” Gina said.

“My shoulders are stuck,” Charlie said.

More bullets ricocheted close to Charlie. He tried to wiggle his shoulders through the small door.

If he couldn’t get through the hole, they were both dead.




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Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller


Chapter 18


Gina pulled Charlie’s arm in a desperate attempt to free him.

Most of Charlie was through the opening in the closet wall along the floor. His shoulders, neck, and head, however, hadn’t followed the rest of him. If he couldn’t get through the narrow rectangular door, and into the space where Gina had escaped, Charlie was going to die.

Gina yanked on Charlie’s arm, but only tore a hole in his black sweater. Her own black sweater had rips and tears from a couple of raised nails on the rough plywood floor.

She wondered how her black leather pants were holding up.

Gina could hear the bullets hitting on the other side of the wall. She prayed none of them wounded Charlie.

The closet walls weren’t hung drywall, she knew that. They were solid. No bullets shot through into the space around Gina.

She cursed the low ceiling. The small horizontal door at the bottom of the closet did lead to escape, but there was no way to stand up. Thank God the space was wide, or she wouldn’t be able to help pull Charlie through.

A mounting terror overtook Gina. Charlie wasn’t moving. He stayed stuck. He was going to die.

A loud crack startled Gina. On each side of the door the wood had broken. Charlie had flexed with all his strength and his muscles had expanded the opening through brute force.

With her Gina’s help, Charlie moved into the space beside her. But not before a bullet ricocheted off the closet floor. It barely missed Charlie’s head.

“Go, go, go,” Gina hissed at Charlie.

Charlie scooched forward on his butt, the ceiling of the passage right above his nose.

Gina quickly followed him, pushing herself backwards on her belly.

The light in the closet flipped on. The small door was now a rectangle of white, with a widening triangle of illumination exposing Charlie and Gina.

Terror gripped Gina once more as a silhouetted head appeared, then disappeared. She knew what was next.

A hand with a gun shot through the door and opened fire.



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