Intrigued by the title of todays’ installment? A Narrow Escape?

Narrow Escape makes you feel a lot of tension, right?

Crime Ring is a serialized fiction thriller about husband and wife jewel thieves Charlie and Gina.

It’s fun, fast paced, suspenseful, humorous, action packed, and filled with mystery and intrigue. And today, of course, we’re looking for the aforementioned Narrow Escape.

It’s kinda like the old serialized shorts that ran before the feature film in the old days. 

Glad to have you as part of our growing audience!


Previously on Crime Ring:


With no way to escape, Charlie and Gina were pinned down by a barrage of gunfire.


And now the latest installment of…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





Charlie lay in the dark, hunkered down on the closet floor, avoiding incoming fire, tangled in the floor length ball gowns hanging above him. He was out of ammo.

Gina was about twenty feet away, against the opposite wall. She was tangled in the legs of the pantsuits hanging above her. She steadily fired round after round at their mystery attacker.

Bullets and their lightening bug trails hissed by Charlie and Gina. A inch this way, an inch that way, and they’d both be dead.

The closet smelled and sounded like a practice range.

Charlie’d grabbed a full clip off his belt to reload. He almost had a stroke when he fumbled the clip and it spun into the darkness. Luckily, he caught it mid-air before it bounced away.

Charlie ejected the old clip from his Glock, and jammed in the new one. A ricochet buzzed by his head and hit the wall behind him. There was a strange “thump” sound. A board hit Charlie’s back. When he glanced back Charlie saw the board was actually a small door. Like a fireplace flue. He couldn’t see the space behind the small horizontal door, but he felt a cold push of air.

The narrow opening led somewhere. 

Charlie returned fire while sticking one leg through the small flap. It was clear. Nothing stopped him. 

The gap was just wide enough for him to get through. Gina would have no problem.

It could be their escape.

Without hesitation, Charlie rose up into the dangerous crossfire and ran to Gina. He grabbed his estranged wife around the chest, then dragged her back to the other side of the closet.

“There’s a way through the wall,” Charlie said. “I’ll cover you.”

“Charlie, no,” Gina said.

Ignoring her, and judging as best he could, Charlie flung Gina towards the opening. He prayed she got close enough to find it and crawl through.

He also prayed she didn’t accidentally shoot him.

Charlie returned fire to cover Gina. He concentrated on shooting the dude shooting at them.

There was movement along the closet wall, and Charlie sensed Gina found the opening and crawled through. He followed, sliding like Ricky Henderson into third base.

I am the greatest of all time!

Charlie misjudged where the opening happened to be. Blame the darkness His legs hit the wall hard, then crumpled. Charlie’s kneecaps popped his chin as his torso jostled forward. Charlie ended up on his back, woozy, his gun nowhere to be found. 

The closet had gone silent. Smokey fog intertwined with the darkness.

Charlie heard a footstep. 

He knew he was as good as dead.


Tomorrow on Crime Ring:


There’s no way to escape….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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