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Crime Ring is a fun, fast paced, suspenseful, thrilling, humorous, and action packed, serialized fiction blog where everyday someone might get shot.

It’s about a married couple (barely married) who are jewel thieves.

Doesn’t that sound great? Especially because every episode they might get shot!

Okay, it’s not just about they might get shot. There’s a whole complicated thing about their relationship and their disparate personalities and characters. As well as they might get shot!

If you like mystery, thrills, suspense, action, and popular crime series TV shows like Friends or The Office, you’ll love the story that plays out 3 days a week.

Ha! Friends and The Office was a joke.

It’s kinda like the old serialized shorts that ran before the feature film in the old days. 

Sometimes I even do the same cheats:


End of one day’s blog:

Charlie and Gina found themselves trapped at the bottom of the well surrounded by angry badger monkeys!

Beginning of the next day’s blog:

Once Charlie and Gina got out of the well and away from the angry badger monkeys, ……


Please read CRIME RING.


What the hell else do you have to do?







Previously on Crime Ring:


Charlie got close to opening the safe when Charlie and Gina were suddenly fired upon. Gina dropped and Charlie feared she was dead.


And now…..





Crime Ring | A Serialized Thriller





GINA stayed flat on the floor while she pulled at Charlie’s pant leg. But he continued to fire his Glock into the darkness. 

A rich lady’s walk-in closet was not the best place for a firefight.

The bursts of lights from the barrel of Charlie’s gun and sharp thunderclaps of the gunshots created a crazy disco strobe effect. The pungent smell of gun power was so prevalent she could taste it.

Charlie’s gun dry-fired. Gina slammed the back of her arm against the back of Charlie’s knees. He buckled and awkwardly fell to the floor.


Charlie put his mouth to Gina’s ear and whispered, “How bad are you hit?”

Gina put her finger to Charlie’s lips to keep him quiet. She waited 5 long seconds before she answered him.

“I’m not hit,” Gina said. “I dropped to get out of the line of fire. Which is what you should have done, Harry Happy Trigger. I think you killed almost of the sequined ball gowns.”

The darkness kept Gina from getting a clear look at Charlie’s face, but the little she could see told her Charlie’s fear she was dead had wrecked him inside. It didn’t matter how many horrible things she said or did to him, Charlie wouldn’t stop loving her.

“At least you didn’t get shot,” Gina added.

Charlie squirmed beside her, flexing his legs. The new black jeans he wore made him uncomfortable. They hadn’t been stretched out in the right places. And Gina knew Charlie needed a pair of jeans to get stretched out. Particularly in one right place.

“We gotta get outa here,” Gina said.

“Was that even a shot?” Charlie said.

“I know what a gunshot sounds like,” Gina said. “Especially when it comes right after the bullet whizzed by my ear.”

As if it had heard and wanted to prove Gina right, a bullet hit the floor between them, barely missing Gina’s waist and coming even closer to Charlie’s “right spot” before ricocheting upward, hitting the metal door of the safe, ricocheting again.

The flash of light from the barrel of the gun and the loud crack of the shot filled the closet with a cacophony of danger. Gina and Charlie were forced to roll away from each other. 

Charlie couldn’t return fire until he loaded another clip. Gina, however, fired toward the barrel flash. But this time, whoever was attacking them didn’t stop after firing one round. Buried in a cannonade of gun fire, Gina desperately tried to find cover before she got killed.

Tomorrow on Crime Ring:


There’s no way to escape….. Wait, is that a squirrel?


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