In the coming weeks, D. Ray’s Books is gonna be way different!

Pretty exciting! To us anyway. 😃

We’re not going to just be a website devoted to promoting the Take It Back series of vigilante thrillers.

The site’s gonna now be geared toward publishing and coaching writing.

I’m going to be hanging a shingle as a Story Coach.

My background in serialized television gives me a unique view of story structure, content, and character.

My coaching will focus on many of the issues inherent to creating original story.

  • Is character story?
  • Keeping story tension.
  • Keeping story focused and engaging.


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As well as story coaching, the site will now promote and publish other types of books.

I’m excited to add Alex Clark and his work to our website.

Alex is a writer for The BP2 Plan. His works help sufferers of bipolar disorder type 2 manage their illness.

We’ll promote his books, and also provide links to his Amazon pages.

Soon, we’ll add writers of romance novels, public speaking and business books, and books geared toward teaching the performing arts.

And a book I’m writing on, well, writing.

Please be patient as we make the transition. The new site will be great!

We hope you will support our new venture.

Thank you in advance.

D. Ray Thomas


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