Take It Back

Douglas Gage fights for the forgotten.

Because no one is going to forget him.

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If you long to see the underprivileged in our society finally win out against the 1%, read Take It Back. It is the first book in the Take It Back series starring Douglas Gage; a man who is equal parts Robin Hood and vigilante. Take It Back is full of riveting action sequences, on the edge of your seat suspense, unexpected thrills, mysterious intrigue, and sudden turns into a dark world of crime.


The Statistic is the 3rd story in the Take It Back series featuring protagonist Douglas Gage. Gage, described as “the Rock’s ugly brother,” and who has told more than one of his evil opponents “I’m way dumber than you think I am,” is challenged in The Statistic to be more physical, more intellectual, and more severe with his judgement, than he ever has before.


Defender of the 99%, Douglas Gage answers a call for help from his mentor. When he arrives, Gage finds his mentor Casey has been robbed of not only cash and diamonds, but priceless and sentimental objects that can never be replaced.

Meet The Author

D. Ray Thomas: Writer. Comedian. Security Guard. Skin Tag Sufferer.

D. Ray Thomas has written for most of his life and is now living his dream by writing the Take It Back stories. The series features part Robin Hood, part vigilante, Douglas Gage.

Ray’s love for the written word has shown itself in various forms. From years of performing his own material as a standup comic, to writing for television, and to ultimately writing stories in his favorite genre.

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